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About Us


Hi friends! It's Cassie, owner of Nora Madison Designs. Before NMD I worked as a corrections deputy for the local sheriff's office. I loved my career and planned on working in law enforcement for 20 years until I retired at the age of 41. Boom baby! Perfect plan. Life was going along great and about to get even better, we (my husband Kurt and I) were expecting a baby girl! Before we knew it little Nora was born and as any parent would know, our lives would never be the same. The moment I looked at little Nora my 20 year career plan went out the window. I immediately knew I wanted to be a full time mama and stay home with her.

I decided to take a huge life risk, quit my career, and open a women's clothing boutique. I had always wanted to start a business and figured why not go all in! Owning my clothing boutique gave me the freedom to be with Nora full time. It truly was a dream! It was also where NMD began.

I have always been a crafter, and although I owned the boutique I needed a creative outlet. I opened an Etsy shop creating flower crowns and started an Instagram page. When the boutique was slow, I would head to the back and create. I was loving creating flower crowns, but had a strong desire to create something more. At the time, there were hardly any mommy and me clothing options. Now that I had a little mini me, I knew I wanted to design kids as well as mommy and me clothing.

In 2015 an amazing opportunity presented itself for me to begin doing what I love designing and manufacturing kids apparel along with mommy and me hoodies. I began posting clothing designs on my flower crown Instagram page, and the rest is history! Together with my amazing customers we have grown into a little community that I am so proud to call my own. 

My goal is not only to continue to create unique clothing for women and kids, but to promote teaching our kids to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. After all, they not only want to match with us, but they match and mirror our self love and self confidence to the way they feel and talk about themselves.

We believe in girl power, self love, empowering each other, and raising strong little people to be confident in themselves. Thank you all for your support over the years and for empowering ME! Here's to many more years to come.