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"Be Bold" Double Hoodie - Children's

Size Guide

This must have hoodie can be dressed up or down.  It is super comfortable and warm with the high neck. You definitely need this one.  

*Wash inside out on gentle cycle.  Hang to dry. 

*Runs true to size.   *The head hole is smaller due to the high neck.  The easiest tip for removal is to pull the neck up as far as possible, then lift the back over the head.  

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Size Guide
We know it gets a little confusing when trying to select the perfect size.  Take a look at our size guide to further assist you in determining what'll work best.  Our size guide will show you exactly where we measure our items and where you should take your measurements to achieve the best fit and option for you!  On each items listing you will also find a detailed size chart of the exact measurements of the item.



How to Measure

Shoulder: From the edge of one shoulder to the edge of the other shoulder

Chest: From under the armpit all the way around the fullest part of the chest

Waist: Measure around the natural waistline

Hip: From the side of the hip all the way around the fullest part of the hips

Inseam: From the crotch to the bottom of the inner leg

Body: From the shoulder to the bottom of the leg